Wreckage were hauled from water near Indonesia’s capital

Biratnagar, January 10

Body parts and wreckage were hauled from water near Indonesia’s capital on Sunday from a Boing passenger plane that crashed shortly after takeoff with 62 people on board.

The Siriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500 plunged into a steep dive about four minutes after it left Soekarno-Hatta International airport in Jakarta on Saturday afternoon.

No reasons have yet been given for the crash, with authorities focusing on a frantic search and rescue effort that appeared to offer no hope of finding any survivors

Sixty-two passengers and crew were on board, including to children, all of them Indonesians, according to authorities.

Sriwijaya Air fight SJi82was bound for Pontianak city on Indonesia’s section of Borneo Island, about 90 minutes flying time over the Java Sea.

It crashed in the Java Sea near popular day-trip tourist islands just off the coast.

Official said on Sunday they would continue their search by sea and air while also using sonar radar to pick up more sings of the downed jet.

Source: The Jakarta Post