India reports of adverse side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine

Biratnagar, January 18

India has reported 447 adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines as 224,301 people received the first dose of vaccines in the country, the Health Ministry confirmed on Sunday.

According to Manohar Aganani, joint secretary at the Health Minister said that amid 447 Adverse Event following immunization Fatigue, headaches, vomiting and nausea were the most common symptoms among the people who were vaccinated during 3 days. In the biggest vaccination program in India, almost two hundred thousands’ people were vaccinated on the first day of commencement across the country. On Sunday, the second day of the vaccination program, about 17,000 people were vaccinated in the six states of India.

India has used the vaccines that were formally approved for the emergency use of two coronavirus vaccines. The durgs regulatory authority gave the green light to the jabs developed by AstraZeneca with Oxford University and by local firm Bharat Biotech. However, it has not yet unfolded the side effects caused by one of the two approved vaccines in India. 

It has been estimated that about 10 million health workers are being vaccinated in the first phase of the program. After then front line workers, police, army, other personnel who have been engaging to contain the spread will be vaccinated accordingly.