First information of flying dragon (Draco)

Biratnagar, February 3

The trails goes down through Dewantar Purnedanda, Simle Bridge and unltimately the long slopping ends at Tribeni. So it has been main gate way of this region.

The trail is diagonal from Bhimachok to Pasalbhanjyang. My habituated job was walking with asking question to the new persons at new places. With gentle walking we reached near the destination, Pasalbhanjyang which consists in Thindinkha VDC.

There is a small beautiful village with a few shops, VDC office, school building etc are found. A little below from the road, we also looked the house of the then parliamentary member Sherdhan Rai (Now chief minister of Province 1). As we were moving ahead, we met with pretty local girls Nirphula Khatri by name. She was about at her teen age (15/16 years) old. As I asked her village she frankly told that she belonged to Chhayang VDC which consist opposite the main trail.

As I knew she was native girl, I asked about the local amphibians and reptile fauna. She was very frank and without any hesitation replied all my questions. When I showed her a rare photo of Draco (Flying lizard) she surprisingly said- ‘Yes I have seen this butterfly like lizard in Mude jungle while I was collecting fodder grasses with my elder sister’. I also greatly surprised with her positive reply and asked several concerning questions to prove her eye witness Draco Specimen.

I also greatly surprised with her positive reply and asked several concerning questions to prove her eye witness Draco specimen. I gave the phto of Draco and told to look very carefully. She further said confidently- ‘Exactly like this photo! When I saw this butter like creature just attached with the trunk of Castanopsis tree, I told it to my siter. Then also surprised seeing it and just tried to strike with tip of sickle, but immediately it flew away to the cliff vegetation.’

I thought it was more than sufficient for providing her eye wit of live specimen. I bring back that draco photograph and kept into diary. I noted and also recorded all her description of that flying lizard and thanked him very much for strange information which was one of the main objective of my research survey. At last I told her that if necessary, I would met her in future and request her to take me to the place where she had seen it. She also agreed frankly and moved to her house. We also moved to our last destination.

It was being nightfall. The weather was changed into cloudy and began to raining too. We had already sent our team member Chayenge Nati to his house to inform his mother. We reached a shop at Pasalbhanhyang and entered to be protected from rain wetting. We were shivering with cold and moved to glowing oven for warming wet body. Then we asked for hot tea to shopkeeper. The altitude of Pasalbhanjhyang was 1900 meters. His is the main marketing center for this region and have been one of the main night halting shelter for all kinds of passengers from a long-long ago. Therefore, the fooding also available according to choice of passengers.

When it was dark night, Chayenge Nati and his mother (niece) came to take us to their own house. Then we moved with them to Chhayang village. About half ad hour, we reached in a house which was situated near the forest area. The Nepali dinner dal bhat (pulse and rice) was already prepared. After tagging food, brother Kedar went to sleep, but I started to talk with house owner brother Kaluman by name, about local pahas (Mountain stream frogs).

He is the special paha specialist of that place. He know the habitats of pahas, their types, its egg laying process, hatchling time, the time period between changing tadpoles into adults, distinguishing features of male and female pahas etc every things he knows better. Furthermore, he knows how to catch pahas, in which season is available how a pair of seed pahas are left in catching habitats, how to cook it and what the paramdicinal value of the pahas etc are; every types of knowledge of pahas he had. I noted all his information in my field note book one by one. Till then, it was about midnight. So we saied goodnight and took sleep.

I promised to save it for future research study of Herpetology.