Biplav group in endeavors to resume the dialogue with government

Biratnagar, January 29

The outlawed group Netra Bikram Chanda (Biplav) is creating an environment to resume the dialogue with the government that was disrupted for a long time after releasing the major leader during last time discourse.

The government is, however, not confident with Maoist splinter group as they are preparing to commence the talk with different demands. The government is dubious of the Biplav group who ignored the continuing dialogue after the release of detained cadres regardless of their announcement to resolve the issues through talk.

However, in an effort to return back to peaceful politics, the Bilav group has placed some condition to the amendment of constitution and removal of the bans. According to the source, a dialogue committee has been formed in leadership of Khadga Bahadur Biwakarm (Prakanda), the spokesperson of the Biplav led group. The newly formed committee will be leading the dialogue if the government resumes the talk ahead. Dharmendra Bastola and Chiran Pun who were arrested a couple of days ago are also the members of the dialogue committee.  

Previously, the government had formed the dialogue committee led by Nepal communist Party leader Som Prasad Pande to hold talks with different disgruntled groups along with including the Biplav led group. However, few of the works were carried out under his leadership. Regardless of continuing dialogue with different groups, the talk with Biplav went unsuccessful. Biplav group was adamant to their demand for the release of cadres in custody. Government had released the cadres while the dialogue with the Biplav group was going on.

The government is not fully confident in Biplav led groups’ readiness to hold the talks as they had discontinued the dialogue after their demands were fulfilled in the past. According to the source from the Home Affair Ministry, the group had vanished after the release of the cadres as per their demand. It is said that the incident occurred in the past makes it harder to trust groups’ alleged preparation for the potential talk in the future.

A source from home ministry said that the government has initiated not any discussion till now due to the suspicious activities of the group in the past dialogue endeavor. Bipalav has reached the conclusion that they had to suffer the huge loss after the government banned the group and its activities. Removal of the ban has been their essential demand for creating the environment for dialogue with the government.

After the brutal murder of teacher Shrestha of Miklajung in Morang on December 8, the activities of the outlawed group were denounced everywhere. The incident has put them in much pressure to abandon violence and pursue the solution in peaceful politics.

It is revealed that the source who is carrying out the role of bridge with the government has initiated talk efforts   intermittently.  A source said that the outlawed group had formed a dialogue committee on the basis of those efforts made for potential talk with the government.